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Dr. Saper,

The tooth not only feels fine the whole procedure was smoothly handled and was remarkably pain-free.  Thank you very much.  As you can tell this was not my first root canal  but it was one of the better experiences.


I had a root canal done two days ago by Dr.Saper. I was extremly wary as I had read some of the reviews prior to my appointment, and being someone who hates dentists in general my anxiety level was at it's max. His staff put me at ease immediately, and he took the time to explain things in detail, and answered all my questions before starting. My jaw usually locks when I have any dental work done and he used a nifty rest thing to help relax my jaw while he worked. I don't know what anyone else has experienced but this was the best root canal/dental appointment I have ever had.


I have never been looked after better. I had an emergency and ended up needing a root canal. The receptionist had me booked in the next day. I came in and Dr Saper is excellent. He took the time to explain exactly what needed to be done. The assistants are very good and the receptionist is amazing. She took the time to help me fill in the medical history as well and explained the insurance to me as well. My tooth has been fixed and i am not in pain anymore. Thank you for all the help, I will recommend your office to anyone i know.


I was quite nervous about having a root canal but my experience at Dr. Saper's office was the complete opposite of what I expected. The staff at this office are very helpful and kind. Dr. Saper was very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly. I actually fell asleep while he was working! My tooth now feels great.


I went to see Dr Saper after my dentist could not help me. I was very impressed with the staff and Dr Saper. They had an appointment booked within a few days. I really like being able to fill out my new patient registration on line rather than in the office. They sent my claim to the insurance for me as well. There ended up being a broken file in my tooth. Dr Saper had my tooth repaired in no time flat. Thank you to Dr Saper and his staff for all the help. I will definitely let me friends know about the office.


Dr. Matthew Saper is excellent. I went there to observe as part of my dental assisting program. He is fast and knowledgeable. His office is very clean and his assistants are informative and excel in what they do. Highly recommended.


I was referred to Dr. Saper due to a possibility of a infected root canal tooth. After evaluation, he could not save my tooth and clearly explained why. I found him to be very professional, honest and reassuring. I was extremely worried when I arrived, and he definitely made me feel better. His staff were all amazing too.