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Cone Beam Technology
Cone Beam CT Scanner

X-rays are an important diagnostic tool for Endodontists, but the problem with traditional x-rays is that the image is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional space.


The two dimensional image hides the fine detail of tooth anatomy and the surrounding bone that can be crucial to diagnosing difficult cases. By providing a highly detailed three dimensional image, the cone beam CT allows for the dentist to accurately diagnose problems that would previously only have been detectible through invasive treatment procedures.


The amount of exposure to radiation from the Veraviewepocs 3De, that we use in our office, is 200 times less than the radiation from a traditional medical CT scan. The small field of view focused on your tooth together with a digital x-ray plate allows the Veraviewepocs 3De to reduce x-ray exposure to the lowest possible amount for a CT scan.